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Pre-Appointment Form

We can't wait to meet you. 


Enter in everything you'd like us to know ahead of your appointment 

We are happy to have your VIPs with us to inform your dress choice, but our advice is to keep it to two or three cheerleaders who share your vision.


Children are welcome, but do need to be supervised.

Evening and weekend appointments carry a £10 charge,

redeemable against your gown purchase. Follow-on appointments and weekday appointments carry no charge.

First appointments last 1hr15 mins and follow-on appointments are 1hr.

Tell me about your appointments

First appointments last 1hr20 minutes, during which you can expect to try 6 - 8 gowns on.

The boutique will be exclusively yours so you can relax and enjoy! 

We are happy to have your VIPs with us to inform your dress choice, but our advice is to keep it to two or three cheerleaders who share your vision so you can zero in on what you love and makes you feel confident.


We operate a Bride + 3 VIP max policy- our boutique is bijou and can't accommodate any additional guests.

If you'd like to bring fizz, we'll have glasses available. 


Babes--in-arms and children aged 12 and over are welcome,

but do need to be supervised. We love kids, but we aren't insured for younger children in the boutique. And it's frustrating for them not being able to touch everything, being sat in one place for over an hour.

Our opening hours are flexible, so if we can accommodate a specific time,

we will where possible. We run a mix of weekday, evening and weekend appointments and are

typically closed on Sundays and Mondays (although exceptions can be made by Special Request).

Bridal appointments carry a £10 booking fee, which is redeemable against a purchase.

Subsequent appointments are Free Of Charge.

Have a specific question or request? Contact Us 

Need some info on how to find us? Here you go

When should I start shopping and what should I bring?

Start when you feel ready to meet your gown. Typically, 12 months is ideal as this is plenty of time to ensure you enjoy your experience with minimal stress and plenty of time for alterations. However, we do have some wonderful designers who can deliver The One in as little as 4 months for a Rush Fee so if you need a dress quickly, we're the boutique for you.


If you feel ready to make a decision before the 12 month countdown, that's fine too, but we ask that you do wait until you're ready to say Yes should the perfect gown be found, rather than come in for a 'try on'.

We'll be working hard to find your your dream dress, so it's brilliant to be in the right headspace.

For your appointment, nude, seam-free underwear is ideal, but don't worry too much. Shoes aren't essential as we have a lovely podium on which to stand to see the full length of the gown. Please do refer to our Instagram and Website to get a flavour of the gowns we have in the boutique and come with an idea of a couple of styles you'd like to try- we can advise from there!

Tell me a little about your gowns

We curate collections from smaller designers who offer incredible gowns, with fashion-focused designs for up to £3,000. Most of our gowns are in the £1400 - £2,000 bracket. All of our gowns are stunning but also extremely wearable so you can truly enjoy your day. Some designers will take up to 8 months to make your gown, whereas others are available to deliver in as little as 4 months for a Rush Fee.

Our designers are based in Australia, Israel, UK- all over!

We are also delighted to hold an extensive range of sample gowns 'to go' in sizes 8-14/16 priced from £800 up to £2,000. Most of our sample gowns are in the £1000 - £1,600 range and we have around 80 'off the peg' gowns available at any one time, so if your Big Day is soon or you're open to getting an incredible gown for less, call to book in today. We can alter any sample gown down by two sizes and up by one size.

The 'Made To Order' samples in the boutique are UK10-14, with most samples being UK12. A curve collection is very much in our sights and we'll update you as soon as we have gowns available in a Size 16+

Alterations are commenced after your chosen gown arrives and are a separate stage of the process. We have recommendations as to who to use. We always take notes on the fit of your gown and what alterations you may want, and are happy to pass this information on to ensure the process is seamless. But if you would like to use a different Alterations Partner, that is absolutely fine too.

Can I take photos?

Photos can be taken, but we discourage it. Please be aware that scrutinising pics after your appointment is rarely a positive experience. They should be used to prompt your memory only, and it must be remembered that these sample gowns fitted with clips etc will not provide a true memory of how you felt in your gown and how beautiful you looked.

A mental snapshot, the excitement you experienced and the reactions of those who know and

love you best is the best reminder to hold onto.

If you really would like a visual of you in your gown, we would suggest a video short which provides a much more accurate record of how you looked and felt in that moment. We're happy to do that for you, and AirDrop it.

How shall I book in?

If you would like to book in, please call, email, DM or fill in the pre-appointment form and we will let you know the appointment times around your desired timing and temporarily hold that space.

If you haven't already, we'll then ask you to complete the pre-appointment form here

Once we have your pre-appointment form we'll confirm your appointment back, please pay your Booking Fee promptly via our Pay Online link, and it's time to get excited!

What's your Covid-19 policy?

Although the world is largely back to normal, we do continue to

- Use Hand Sanitiser and disinfect regularly

- Test and isolate

We are no longer wearing masks, but if you would feel more comfortable with us doing so, please say and we'll pop a visor on.

Please follow all guidance related to isolation and testing- it's essential to keep everyone safe and smiling. Please also bear in mind that we regularly see Brides in close proximity to their wedding dates, so we have to be cautious to ensure their happy day goes ahead without a hitch.

I said yes to my dress. What next?

We are delighted to be on this journey with you. Put simply, here's what to expect in the coming weeks or months

- to confirm your order, you will have placed a 50% deposit

- we will place the order with the designer and confirm the delivery date back to you

- we may then go a little quiet in the middle while your gown is being made,

but if you want to check in with us, please feel free

- any veils or accessories may well be available before your gown is,

so if you'd like your veil for a Hair Trial, for example, just shout

- when your gown arrives, we will call you in for your Collection appointment which is 30-45 minutes

- once you have your stunning gown on, we'll take some notes on the fit and the elements you may want tweaking in alterations, such as tailoring the hem length or adding a bustle

- you will pay your 50% balance and take your gown home with you. It's all yours <3!

If desired, after your Collection appointment we can prompt a Recommended Seamstress,

to get in touch to book in your first fitting.

During your alterations, your gown is likely to remain with a Seamstress.

Please note, if your gown is a Sample Gown, you'll pay in full and take your gown away with you the same day. Exciting!

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